Mary Beth, Homeowner, Summit

“I wanted to buy my own house! That was my reaction when I first saw how Sharon and her team had staged our home for sale. Here are some of the highlights of my experience with Sharon: 1) She provided a detailed staging plan, even before we had decided to work together. This plan had a page for each of my college-aged children’s rooms. I was able to give them their page in the plan and they executed it, without my having to nag. 2) She appreciated what I had in the house and how she could use it. I was surprised how she incorporated all our furnishings and artwork and the result was a home that looked perfect, warm and inviting. 3) She sold us only the services and items we needed. This was a budget we could work with and so we had Sharon stage every room in the house. (Ok, I staged the little laundry area myself.) 4) No drama, no last minute upsets, just a quick, efficient service. 5) TOTALLY EFFECTIVE. When I opened the front door after staging, I wanted to run into the house to see it all. And, apparently, so did our buyers. We had an offer within one hour. And it was a great one. Like many others who are contemplating selling their homes, I have scoured all the real estate listings over the last year. Most houses appear to be staged nowadays, but there is a real difference in quality. While clear counters and eliminating clutter are the basics, not all stagers put back personality into the staged home. Some simply look cold. Not Sharon’s work! I’ve been inspired to take some of her approach (fewer things, well placed) and put that into my next home. Thank you, Sharon and team. You are the creme de la creme.”